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Programmers' Handbook of Computer Printer Commands: For Printer Models Through 1984

By: N/A

Price: $7.79

Publisher: Cardinal Point:

Seller ID: SKU1375811

ISBN: 0932065007


Condition: Good

Seribus Centura: Building Enterprise Applications With Centura Team Developer 2.0

By: Burke, David

Price: $0.59

Publisher: Pro Pub:

Seller ID: SKU1372434

ISBN: 096576351X


Condition: Fair

Structured FORTRAN with WATFIV-S

By: Cress, Paul

Price: $0.70

Publisher: Prentice-Hall:

Seller ID: SKU1452891

ISBN: 0138547521

Condition: Very Good

Capability architectures and small objects (Computer science)

By: Gehringer, Edward F

Price: $5.20

Publisher: UMI Research Press:

Seller ID: SKU1337373

ISBN: 0835713474

Condition: Good

Introduction to T-BUG: The TRS-80 machine language monitor

By: Inman, Don

Price: $3.95

Publisher: Dilithium Press:

Seller ID: SKU1293877

ISBN: 0918398339

Condition: Good

Developing Web Applications with Active Server Pages

By: Luce, Thom

Price: $1.72

Publisher: Addison Wesley:

Seller ID: SKU1463538

ISBN: 1576760618

Condition: Good

Fundamentals of programming in BASIC

By: Nickerson, Robert C

Price: $0.66

Publisher: Little, Brown:

Seller ID: SKU1448363

ISBN: 0316606464


Condition: Very Good

Structuring Techniques: An Introduction Using Turbo C (An Alan R. Apt Book)

By: Staugaard, Andrew C., Jr.

Price: $71.55

Publisher: Prentice Hall:

Seller ID: SKU1448293

ISBN: 0131880209

Condition: Very Good

Digital Design with Verilog HDL (Design Automation Series)

By: Sternheim, Eliezer

Price: $0.49

Publisher: Springer:

Seller ID: SKU1583122

ISBN: 0962748803


Condition: Fair

Programming with curses: UNIX C Library for Screen Manipulation (Nutshell Handbooks)

By: Strang, John

Price: $24.09

Publisher: O'Reilly Media:

Seller ID: SKU1632231

ISBN: 0937175021


Condition: New

101 Ways to Survive the Y2K Crisis

By: Tomajczyk, S. F.

Price: $1.71

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin:

Seller ID: SKU1498721

ISBN: 0312245912

Condition: Good

Death March: The Complete Software Developer's Guide to Surviving "Mission Impossible" Projects (Yourdon Computing Series)

By: Yourdon, Edward

Price: $11.21

Publisher: Prentice Hall Ptr:

Seller ID: SKU1628113

ISBN: 0137483104

Condition: New